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"The ComforTrollTM is one of the best pieces of equipment I have on my
This is an after-market recessed trolling motor foot pedal pan.
It gives me better controll in rough water and has reduced the
fatigue on my back and legs.  We walk and stand on two feet, why
shouldn't we fish on two feet?  This is the evolution for foot-controlled
motors.  If you have minimal mechanical
abilities, you can install it in approximately one or two hours."
--Ken Mah, 2005 100% PRO/AM Champion

"A must have for any Tournament Angler!"
--Tony Pratt, FLW/Stren Series Professional Angler

"To be able to operate your trolling motor while standing level will no doubt prevent injury and fatigue to my lower back, legs and feet.  Before the ComforTrollTM, the foot that supported all my weight while the other foot operated the trolling motor pedal would become so sore and tired that I was not able to concentrate fully on my fishing to the point that I was not performing at my best.  After the ComforTrollTM was installed, I'm sure it made me more money than it cost.  The ComforTrollTM will add years to my fishing career."
--Ken Sauret, 100% Bass Professional Angler

"I was recently shown the ComforTrollTM recessed trolling motor kit and was very impressed.  We have customers ask everyday who's kit they should use to install, or get to install.  Until I looked at the ComforTrollTM, I told them I did not know which one to use.  Now I can tell them to get this unit.  If you are not currently installing these units, I suggest you use this product.  This is the best one that I have seen.  We have gotten by for many years without a recessed foot pedal, but since some of our pros are using them in the newer boats, everyone wants to be like the pros!"
--Mike McDonald, Sales Rep for Ranger Boats

"Great experience.  I had several questions about the product and requested to speak to the Rep via phone. They promptly returned my request and I found the Reps to be knowledgeable and very helpful.  I have yet to install the product so cn't say much about the product itself yet, but the staff was great and I highly recommend them in that regard." 
--James Barnick

I own a  Ranger 519 and recnetly purchased a ComforTrollTM Trolling Motor Foot Well from JA Boat-Worx in Plainfeild, Indiana.  I had some strong concerns about cutting my boat deck because of the large dry storage locker that is under the front deck - but, the guys at JA Boat-Worx had me bring my boat up to their shop and they did the installation for me in about two and a half hours on a Saturday morning.  It's a top notch quality installation and I'm very pleased with it!
I now find I can stay on the water much longer without getting the usual back and leg fatigue associated with standing with one foot higher than the other all day.  Everyone that has seen the installation in my Ranger 519 has had great things to say about the ComforTrollTM installation.  I would recommend this product to anyone who spends any amount of time on the water fishing with their trolling motor!  Thank you for a job well done!"
--Clinton Anderson, Big Bass Winner
15th Annual Indiana Children's Make-A-Wish Open Tournament
Columbus, Indiana

"Your product (ComforTrollTM) is wonderful.  It was fairly easy to install and is very nice to use.  Thank you and if you need anyone to help sell your product I would be very interested."
--Dusty Clifton

" For the last two years, while fishing the BASS, FLW and Everstart Tournament Trails, I have personally used a recessed trolling motor foot well in my Ranger boats and have been very pleased with the experience.
The recessed trolling motor foot well has had a profound effect on my ability to stay on the water longer without having excessive back pain and leg cramps from utilizing the trolling motor for long periods of time.  I find it very effective in maintaining better control of the boat while fishing in bad winds and rough water.
I believe in the design concept and support JA Boat-Worx's efforts to bring their ComforTrollTM product to the marketplace!  I would highly recommend the ComforTroll to anyone who uses a trolling motor foot pedal arrangement on his or her boat."

" I have been using the ComforTrollTM that I installed for the last three weeks.  I am happy to report that the installation was easy and that the unit works well.  I have fished in a number of tournaments and find that the ComforTrollTM substantially reduces back and leg fatigue."
--Mike Vertesch

" As an owner for a trolling motor warranty repair center for 12 years now, we have had the opportunity to view several brands of foot pedal pockets.  We are very impressed with this design, as well as the quality of materials & workmanship in the ComforTroll TMunit.
The rounded heal design fits the footpedals of all major product manufacturers, with ample space to reach functional switches, yet close enough to minimize open space that may detract from mobility on the deck.
The welded seams & wrinkle finish coating are a major improvement over other pockets, & the Complete Kit right down to the drain fittings & stainless mounting screws make this an excellent value.  Customer response has been very positive, even to those who already have an existing pocket in their boat.  They can easily see the value in this product.
Thanks for the opportunity to work with ComforTrollTM.  We know our customers will be very satisfied for many years."
Bill Hassig, Fisherman's Friend
MotorGuide/Minn Kota Service Center
Kannapolis, NC

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